In the words of the late, great Victoria Wood – let’s do it*. Although, bending over backwards on a hostess trolley wouldn’t really be condusive. I am, of course referring to writing and the difficult question of where to do it.The biggest problem with writing is clearly finding the will and sheer bloody-mindedness to sit down and get on with it. But if you don’t have a suitable space – both physically and temporally – then you may be scuppered before you leave port and set sail on your literary voyage. I don’t have an answer. What? You thought I did? It comes down to the fact that everyone is different. Some require complete silence – and for them I would recommend some late-night or early morning jotting. Some can write just about anywhere. I have found the key is to write in short bursts, which are more sustainable creatively and less frustrating in terms of interuptions.

My favourite places have been coffee shops (I know, cliche), the train (sooo JK) and whilst waiting for the bath to run. Jsut stop letting things get in the way and get down to it. And if that’s not true you can spank me on the bottom with a Woman’s Weekly.

*Also the equally great and, sadly, equally late Rik Mayall.