Now, I don’t want you to think that this is a complaint of any sort … but … I’m finding it very difficult to find the time to actually write anything! Here’s the thing. The thing is here; I love a bit of marketing. There, I’ve said it and it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone who knows me ‘real’ job (spoiler alert – it’s marketing and design). The upshot is that when I self-published Few I have been spending all my spare time tweeting, posting and whatever it is you do on Instagram, gramming? Plus I have been designing bookmarks and badges, noodling around on this here website and generally having a creative whale of a time.  Anyhoo – this ‘spare’ time – between dog walking, reading, child-wrangling, eating, sleeping and actual, you know, work – is also the time I have set aside for writing the next novel in the series.

Basically this is one big excuse.