The Book

The Book is said to be a transcription of the Author’s words, copied down by the very first Few shortly after the Collapse.
It remains the Few’s most holy of books and the basis of their beliefs, laws and way of life.

The AUTHOR spoke unto the Narrator saying,
Though they be Few they will be mighty.
For the Knowledge shall be with them alone.

And the Knowledge was collected
And the Few did a temple build.
The temple it was built unto Knowledge,
And from Knowledge, and was Knowledge.
The Narrator was visited by the AUTHOR
And thence forward the Temple was named Archive.
NARRATIVES 20: 15-20

At this time will the Harvest take place.
And amongst the grain, the roots and the fruit
Shall also be the Few.
And they shall be the most pleasing of all.
SCRIBES 42: 20-22

Though we are Few, we are many.
We are of one mind and, in this way,
Our Knowledge cannot die.
INDICES 4: 1-3