Into The Between

Into The Between! A Travel Guide For Young Few is one of the most valued of the books created by the Few. It is a collection of the thoughts, observations and misadventures of Sisteacher Levin as she traveled through the Between. The book seems to straddle non-fiction and fiction as the clearly eccentric Levin adds her own prejudices and odd world view to her travelogue.

When one finds oneself dans la Between, it is invariably a necessity, rather than a choice, for we Few. However, it becomes a young Novistudent (or even a curmudgeonly old Sisteacher such as myself) to make a virtue of this necessity. And, which virtue is it that we should hold in highest esteem? Why, the accumulation, distillation and dissemination of knowledge! The Between will present a myriad opportunities for learning, from the cataloguing of its flora and fauna to the observation of its archaic culture, architectural heritage and chaotic meteorological events. Look about you girls! Perhaps you will spot a wandering bear, a pack of wolves, or even the elusive Chauvinist Pig! What a boar! I jest, however …

At this point I simply must interrupt this delightful discourse on the unusual feeding habits of the Orange-Bellied Dawn Bird to speak of something altogether less savoury; namely, the peoples of the Between. Despite a bewildering array of tribal customs, territories and habits, young Few will discern one obvious commonality pervading every one of these multifarious groups – their simplicity, ignorance and backward behaviour.

The so-called Wet Roaders (even their name suggests their ignorance) are one of the larger tribes and, although fairly hospitable, conform to the typical template of lawlessness and debauchery. I was horrified to discover uneducated Few amongst them who wilfully wasted their time learning to fish, mend, cook and other manly pursuits.