The Cult Of Ignorance

The Cult of Ignorance came into being not long after the Few came to power as a protest group peopled by disgruntled men. Members are dedicated to the idea that might is right and that destroying knowledge will undermine the Few’s power and put females ‘back where they belong’. This strange, narrow view is usually coupled with homophobia and a love of violence, technology and weaponry.

The Cult remained a small, inconsequential, underground group which met in secret until the charismatic Nathaniel Travesti appeared. Travesti’s leadership and rhetoric galvanised the Cult and it has now become an organised and powerful force. The group has even succeeded in taking power in the city of Whoosh Turn where the Cathedral acts as their HQ.

The Cult’s views are at odds with the peaceful Jeds and, as such, the Cult have persecuted them and driven them underground. Despite their recent rise to power the Cult of Ignorance is not seen as a serious threat by the Few.