The Beacon Folk

In the blasted strip of land to the south of the Great Swirl Wall the Beacon settlement sits, not too far from the Dome Dwellers. Unlike their neighbours however the Beacon Folk believe that they have a greater purpose than to simply survive – for they guard and service the great white globe of the Beacon and the Oracle who lives within.

Surrounded by a wire fence and made up of crumbling concrete buildings the settlement isn’t much to look at. even the Beacon itself, sat atop its man-made hillock like a giant golf ball on a tee, pales into insignificance against the backdrop of the constantly churning Wall.

The folk who live there are friendly and while away their time trading with the Dome Dwellers, scavenging, gambling and distilling awful spirits. Even the Oracle is little more than a glorified caretaker of the strange technology of the Beacon, monitoring its many screens, noting changes in its measurement of the Wall and passing them on to the mysterious Northerners.