Toppling The Tower

How Man’s Uncontrolled Growth Caused The Collapse

Librabbess Florentine Greer’s scathing book displays a surprisingly harsh view of men, firmly leaving the blame for the Collapse at their door. This view is not in fact held by many of the Few – they are more likely to feel pity for men and would be unlikely to admit that any action by the weaker sex could result in the destruction of a civilisation.

Amongst the many phallo-centric technologies purged from the Story during the Collapse was the production of moving images. Oftentimes used to perpetuate the male-domination myth and to subjugate females to stereotypical victims infatuated only by outer appearance. The eradication of such media was central to the renaissance of womankind and the formation, and subsequent flourishing, of the Few. One can only assume, therefore, that the Collapse was the Author’s will – praise Her name!

So proud of their achievements were the men that they paid no heed to the warnings; for has not every mother told her child not to run with scissors? Even as the Author herself caused Nature to rebel, these men ran recklessly onwards towards the inevitable end of their Chapter.