A Guard’s Duty & Deportment

The Few love to impose rules and there was a time when the Train Guard were a well-oiled machine. Nowadays Duty and Deportment is seen as a set of guidelines rather than a rule book in most places outside of Oup or Unread.

General Duties:
• Although routine duties apply, in all cases Guard are expected to perform as a standing military force under the command of the Few.
• Secondly, Guard will enforce the law of the Few in the area local to their Station. This will include (but is not limited to):
• Enforcement of the yearly Harvest.
• Area patrols.
• Few escort.
• General peacekeeping.
• Conveying messages (see Remembrance and Recall).
• Train duties, where appropriate (see Train Duties).
• The orderly maintenance of Stations, Tracks, Towers, Signal and other Trackside Chattels (see Trackside Maintenance).