Traditional Rhymes & Sayings

The Few recognise the power and truth to be found in seemingly silly or childish folk sayings and traditional rhymes. This book collects a variety of such treasures from across the Between.

Swirl around, swirl around,
Through the Between.
Trees lying on the ground,
Broken machine.
Climb again, climb again,
Into the sky.
Collapse will begin again,
Then we will die.
Trad. Nursery Rhyme

Pull and pull and pull and pull,
How hard you breathe, how hot your breath.
Your armoured flanks as dark as death.
Your carriages a line of ink
Drawn across the outlaw plain;
A messenger, a sword, a link,
Bringing hope or fear or pain.
From The Song Of The War Train – Trad.

Until you cross the gangplank again; clear waters, safe mooring and friends be with you.
A blessing from the Wet Roads Tribe


Flesh of white; keep out of sight,
Step in the light, avoid a fight.
Folk saying of The Between