JVS Close Protection Unit (T-700) User Manual

Found amongst the ruins of a dead city, this manual gives valuable guidance to the proud owner of a brand new robot bodyguard.

IMPORTANT: Before activating your new T-700 JVS CPU (see page 273), please ensure that the Three Law switch [fig. 8] is set to the ON position.

STEP 3.9: Before progressing to the next screen, take time to review your Behaviour and Protocol Settings [fig. 4]. If you do not require Advanced Behavioural Settings (see page 379) choose one of the Default Sensor Sensitivity Settings [fig. 4.5]. Simply tick either; Empathic, Telepathic or Precognitive.

NB: Empathy levels are set to Diplomat grade by default. Please bear in mind that many users find levels above this unnatural (see page 421; Telepathic and Precognitive) Lower levels such as Understanding, Narrow-Minded, Ill Informed and Obtuse are not recommended outside of military use.