I’ve been writing Between for about eight months now (a few pages a week when I can find time) and I’ve reached the stage where I’m actually thinking of it as a book – rather than just a project. That led me to wonder what I was going to put on the cover. With Few it was an obvious choice; Charlie is the main voice and representative of ‘few’ in many ways.

She is a follower of the Few religion (at least at first) and one of the few females remaining in the land. More specifically she is at the core of the few people who find each other during the story and form an odd family group. Therefore putting Charlie on the cover was a no-brainer.

And so onto Between. The easy option would be to have Charlie again – simply in another pose, more representative of who she is now – no longer in the Librabbey but out in the Between with all the freedom and danger that brings. But that would deny the chance to showcase one of the other characters.

Therefore I have decided – it has to be MainSpring. He was at least the most prominent supporting character and a major driver of the journey in Few and repeats the trick in Between. Aside from this he represents the ‘between’ in several ways. He is somewhere between a man and a machine, something that he increasingly struggles with. He is caught between the past where he belongs and this future where he is an anomoly but has made his home. Lastly, and most obviously in Between, he is in between warring factions – whether he knows it or not.

Now I just need to finish writing the first draft, edit, re-write, type-set, etc, etc. And then I can put him on the cover.